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Hyundai ix35 - за и против Осознанный выбор и сравнение с другими автомобилями, отчет о покупке и эксплуатации.

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Старый 18.02.2009, 17:22   #681
Ветеран форума
Аватар для snipe

Сообщение от Jazz47  Посмотреть сообщение

Коллеги, новый Тушкан.

У меня во дворе стоит такой... "Кошак" называется...
Не важно на какой машине ты ездишь... Важно как ты ездишь!
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Старый 18.02.2009, 17:56   #682
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Аватар для Kimon

Новый Hyundai Tucson оказался похожим на Ford Kuga

В среду в интернете появилась первая официальная фотография концептуального кроссовера Hyundai HED-6, который является предвестником модели Tucson нового поколения и внешне напоминает кроссовер Ford Kuga. Напомним, что ранее был показан лишь скетч-тизер этого прототипа с изображением задней части и боковины кузова машины. Премьера новинки состоится через две недели на международной автомобильной выставке в Женеве. Об этом сообщает сайт Motorauthority.

Габаритная длина концептуального кроссовера составляет 4,4 метра, ширина – 1,85 метра, а высота – 1,65 метра. Автомобиль рассчитан на пятерых пассажиров, однако товарная модификация Hyundai HED-6 будет оснащена третьим рядом кресел с двумя дополнительными сиденьями. Под капотом прототипа установлен совершенно новый 175-сильный турбодизель объемом 1,6 литра, работающий в паре с шестиступенчатой автоматической коробкой передач. Ожидается, что эта силовая установка станет предлагаться и для серийного Hyundai Tucson следующего поколения. Напомним, что товарный Hyundai Tucson получит новое имя – ix35 – и будет представлен широкой публике в сентябре текущего года на моторшоу во Франкфурте. Продажи кроссовера на европейском рынке начнутся весной 2010 года.

Симпотно конечно и движки, коробка наконец-то что надо

чёт непонятно как они 3-й ряд при длине 440 см (т.е. на 7,5 см длиннее Тушкана) запихают?

и скока это чудо буит стоить (узнаем тока чере год)
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Старый 18.02.2009, 18:18   #683
=Ali G=
Аватар для =Ali G=

Сообщение =hyundai IX55. инфа с оф. сайта=

Стало интересно,что это за зверь.
Сорри,переводить некогда.

Hyundai’s luxurious new seven-seater ix55 luxury utility vehicle makes its European debut at this year’s Paris Mondial de l'Automobile. The flagship ix55 sits ahead of the current Tucson and Santa Fe models and effectively completes the company’s dynamic and engaging SUV range. Based on the acclaimed Veracruz from the North American market, ix55 has undergone an extensive redevelopment program to prepare it for the European market. The single-model line-up is powered by a sparkling new V6 CRDi turbo diesel engine mated to a slick six-speed automatic transmission. Both the diesel power plant and the gearbox are firsts for Hyundai, and the refined and powerful V6 diesel power train has been tuned specifically for the European market.

Similarly, ix55’s dynamics have been extensively recalibrated for Europe, with updated suspension and a more direct and feel some steering set-up resulting in engaging and spirited ride and handling characteristics. Sleek and modern styling, meticulous attention to perceived and actual build quality and exceptionally high levels of standard luxury, convenience and safety equipment all underpin Hyundai’s commitment to meeting – and exceeding - the expectations of the demanding European market.

Style and Design
Hyundai’s ix55 follows in the bold design footsteps of the new i10, i20 and i30 with sleek and modern styling that’s distinctly European in look and feel. From its bold, optional Xenon headlamps and imposing grille, its muscular flanks, chunky 17” and 18“-inch alloy wheels and rakish roofline, to its wrap-around taillights and integrated exhaust pipes, ix55 cloaks its robust stance with sleek styling and balanced proportions. With its raised ride height and robust on-demand drive train that delivers all-wheel traction the instant it is needed, ix55 is perfectly equipped for towing horseboxes or boats, as well as tackling snowy or muddy passes and unsurfaced roads. This go-anywhere ability is complemented by a spacious, sumptuously appointed and intelligently configured cabin. With its flexible seven-seat layout, it offers real-world versatility for families on the move.

As befits its flagship status, the ix55’s cabin is the last word in luxury. Using high-grade woods and leathers, Hyundai’s designers have created a spacious cabin that is both versatile and elegant. Standard equipment levels are class-leading and include suede-covered seats – electrically adjustable for the driver – RDS radio and a high-specification Infinity MP3-compatible audio system, multi-function trip computer, rear privacy glass, blue backlit instrumentation, dual-zone climate control with separate controls for rear passengers, a leather-wrapped fully adjustable multifunction steering wheel and cruise control. There is an equally extensive list of options, available through four additional equipment packages.

Suspension, Ride Quality and NVH
The new ix55 – based on the award-winning Hyundai Veracruz sold in North America – has undergone an extensive dynamic overhaul to ready it for arrival on the European market. Its front strut and multi-link rear suspension is fitted with up rated springs and dampers for tauter and more athletic ride and handling characteristics, while the steering’s geometry and assistance have been retuned for a more positive feel. The ix55’s advanced 3.0-litre V6 CRDi turbo diesel is an all-new power train, and its latest-generation common-rail fuel injection system and variable geometry turbo technology deliver exceptionally quiet and smooth power delivery. The compacted graphite iron block is immensely stiff and significantly increases running refinement, as does the power train’s ISS (Instant Start System) and advanced EGR exhaust gas recirculation cooling system. The ISS technology ensures the CRDi’s glow plugs heat instantly for immediate ignition in even the coldest conditions, while the EGR system lowers the temperature of the exhaust gas to boost its thermal efficiency.

Power train
New ix55 marks the global debut of Hyundai’s all-new clean and muscular 3.0-litre V6 CRDi turbo diesel engine. With its aluminum head, compacted graphite iron block and hollow camshafts, this compact and lightweight Euro IV-compliant power plant was designed specifically for Europe and features a high-pressure, 1,600-bar common rail fuel injection system with sophisticated Piezo injectors to deliver 240PS at 3,800rpm and an impressive 451Nm of torque at 1,750-3,500rpm.

Breathing through an innovative variable intake system with swirl control technology, the 24-valve engine features an electronically controlled VGT variable geometry turbocharger to ensure instant throttle response throughout the rev range. A DPF particulate filter will be available from early next year.

Driving the iX55’s torque-on-demand all-wheel drive train through a smooth shifting six-speed automatic gearbox – a Hyundai first – with the option of Shiftronic manual gear selection, the ix55 posts an exceptional combination of performance and economy. It will accelerate to 100km/h in just 10.4 seconds and onto an electronically limited 200km/h top speed, while returning an excellent fuel economy figure of 9.4l/100km on the combined fuel cycle and emitting 249g/km CO2.

The arrival of ix55 reinforces Hyundai’s class-leading safety levels. With its robust computer-optimized unitary passenger safety cell, sure-footed all-wheel drive, piercing Xenon headlamps, powerful brakes and high-riding visibility, ix55 offers an exceptionally high degree of on-the-go security for those on board. This is complemented by its extensive list of standard safety features six airbags with side curtain airbags for all three rows of passengers as well as the latest generation of ESP electronic stability programme, TCS traction control system and ABS with EBD electronic brake assist. Further safety elements fitted to ix55 include active front headrests, three-point seatbelts for all seven passengers with pre-tensioners and load limiters, seatbelt reminders for driver and passenger.

The new ix55 has been developed from the ground up to deliver exceptional family-oriented versatility. Key to this is the flexibility in its full seven-seat layout. When not in use, the two rearmost seats fold flat into the cargo floor to create a huge 598 liters (VDA) of luggage space. When additional seating is needed, the rear chairs, complete with three-point seatbelts, can be quickly and easily erected. Hyundai’s engineers have installed an easy access system to the rear seats, too with easy walk-in access from both sides. And of course, both second and third rows offer split folding mechanisms, allowing ix55 drivers to easily juggle passenger and luggage space, with a vast 1,746 liters of space available. Factor in a myriad of storage facilities and intelligent features like numerous 12v outlets, memory function that save power mirrors, seat and steering wheel settings, a cooled centre console glove box, keyless proximity entry, rain-sensing wipers and parking sensors, and ix55 comes fully equipped to handle the rigours of modern life.
...теперь я в Чехове
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Старый 18.02.2009, 18:20   #684
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Аватар для bkr

А что за спешка, этож Веракруз, его уже обсасывали, да и на русском сайте Хундая уже все есть http://www.hyundai.ru/ru/auto/ix55/
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Старый 18.02.2009, 20:37   #685
Тут живет
Аватар для complect

1,6 литра и 175 лошадей.
Да уж и как им это удалось?
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Старый 18.02.2009, 20:39   #686
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Аватар для Zee

Сообщение от complect  Посмотреть сообщение
1,6 литра и 175 лошадей. Да уж и как им это удалось?

турбина, однако, страшная штука...
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Старый 18.02.2009, 20:40   #687
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Аватар для Димыч

Сообщение от complect  Посмотреть сообщение
Да уж и как им это удалось?

Так вроде написали-ТУРБО дизель.
+ Рыжий Getz 1.4 AT 2008
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Старый 18.02.2009, 21:18   #688
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Аватар для alex-sat

вот тут еще: http://auto.mail.ru/article.html?id=28070

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Старый 18.02.2009, 22:57   #689
Аватар для zoro-z

А мне нравится очень красивый, я уже его хочу.
АКПП - отдых за рулем .
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zoro-z, тебе сказали Спасибо:
Старый 19.02.2009, 06:15   #690
Этот форум - мой дом!
Аватар для Kogin

Новый Kia Sportage с таким турбодизелем в Европе уже анонсировали. Где-то читал в журналах про тест-драйв.
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hyundai, ix35, ix55, radikal, tucson, Австралии, Новый, Туссан, Тушкан, будет, выйдет, засветился, или, инфа, когда, рестайл, сайта, туссан, фото
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