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Hyundai Tucson/ix35 - pro et contra Why Tucson/ix35? Comparison with other cars. Your stories of purchasing and owning.

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Старый 18.01.2011, 19:19   #11
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I've chosen to close the "35" issue for myself forever.
The same story.
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Я тут недавно
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Well well well...

The English Forums pages do not seem to be superpopular here..., why?

For those who're looking for fresh looks at ix35:
(taken from here: http://tucsondrivers.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4369)

MikDee wrote earlier today:

Some early first impressions of the new 2010 Tucson:

The steering wheel is small, smaller then the previous Tucson, & most other vehicles, the electric steering feel, & ability is great! as well as the brakes, and the 6spd transmission (you can't even feel it shift? the only way to tell is to watch the tach) again, better then the previous Tucson as well, & better then most other vehicles. The seats seem like more of a bucket, and getting out takes a bit more effort, even if the vehicle is a bit lower to the ground, for some reason my legs dangle more on this new model to reach the ground. The dashboard, lights, & controls are a bit overwhelming, as is the steering wheel controls, but I love this last feature! I teased the salesman, (ok, saleslady ) asking do I need a pilots license to drive this?,,,lol.

The downward sloping forward roof pillars are a bit distracting, & annoying, I noticed this on the Suzuki SX4 as well, apparently manufacturers are getting away from a curved windshield, and providing a more flat rectangular glass, with the side pillars coming forward to meet it. The ignition switch is more inconveniently hidden behind the wheel, and not even lit up now, making it even more difficult to find, & operate. What were they thinking?
The foglight switch is on the light stalk now, good if you have them (not on the GLS, nor is it an option,,,Grrr!) The basic HVAC controls are simpler, & easier to understand, & operate (good). The center console is bigger, & at one fixed height now, not 2 settings but seems to be at a comfy height. The doors automatically lock when the vehicle is put in any gear, and unlock in park, Hooray! finally. The XM radio feature is Great for 3mos free, after that it's just another hand in my pocket monthly , as far as the sound, I think it took a step backwards from my old Tucson LX, it is an airy unnatural transparent bass sound (I have the bass fully cranked all the time now ), and gone are the presets: Rock, Jazz, Classical, etc. If I were to guess, it sounds like a cheap Craig designed radio. The bluetooth is a great idea, but I have a cheap track phone that's not bluetooth enabled The hill holding feature to me is useless, I mean unless you drive stickshift, automatics just don't roll that easily up, or down a hill? Hyundai you wasted my money on this, you should have put in fold forward front seats, & an opening upper rear hatch glass instead! By the way, the Hill control, ESC, & 4 wheel lock, location of these buttons are not visible when driving, because the wheel is in the way, so either you don't operate them while driving, or do it by memory, & feel. The rear side blind spots are bad, but the mirrors do help a lot, a rear camera should be std. equipment on these do to it's poor rear visibilty design. I don't like my parking brake on the floor, I like it on the center console like previously, but, you really don't have to go into contortions to use this floor one, & there's no awkward hand release, just tap it with your foot, & it releases easily, not bad for what it is anyway. Kudo's for the great gauges, & instrument panel, & interior upholstry design, plus the pretty blue display!

Well thats all I can think of now, If I think of more, I'll post back with it

I just dont know why you not allow these english post.
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Старый 26.10.2012, 20:39   #13
супермодератор добрый
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you not allow these english post
Which one?

С ужасом осознаю, что у меня всё-таки доброе сердце.

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dynamic, impressions, ix35, price
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